Kindermusik Foundations Village: Infant – 1.5 yrs.

Music has proven to be one of the most helpful things for a baby’s developing brain, and the first few years are crucial. The billions of neurons in your little one’s mind need stimulation and experience — and that’s exactly what a Village class is for! Each session is sensory rich and perfect for your child’s hungry mind, designed to strengthen those billions of neurons through music and movement. Each Kindermusik class is specifically crafted to nurture multiple learning channels and create special “I Love You” rituals between child and parent, all while establishing an innate connection with music.


Kindermusik Foundations Village - Infant - 1.5yrs

Class Length: 45min
Repeats: once a week w/caregiver
When:  Jan. 6-Apr. 29

Monday 4:30p

Tuesday 11:30a, 6:30p

Wednesday 12:00p

15 Weeks of Classes

Jan.-Apr.– “Cock-a-Doodle-MOO!” and “Dew Drops”

Pricing- Choose a plan:

Semester in Full:                         $230 (save $10) 
Payment Plan: 4 payments of $60
*Joining us after the start of a unit?    We’ll prorate you!  Join anytime!

*Price includes cost of materials

*Registration fee: $15

No contracts.  Stop plan at any time with written notice. 


Make Up Policy

Unlimited makeups anytime, as long as you are currently enrolled in a program!



What You’ll Experience in Kindermusik Foundations Village class 0 – 1.5 yrs.

Growth & DevelopmentVillage focuses on creating a musical foundation while giving your child a leg up in their developmental processes.

  • Vocal/Language – Through specifically crafted exercises and activities your baby will discover the power of his or her own voice.
  • Brain Development – Your baby’s brain learns through physically moving & touching; every motion they make causes neurons to fire, connecting and strengthening themselves as they do.
  • Comprehensive Motor Skills – Through creative expression, personal movement, and object-oriented play your baby learns what his or her body can and cannot do.
  • Social/Emotional Connections – Simply having fun beside other parents and children strengthens your baby’s ability to connect with others, and most importantly, to connect with you.
  • Musical Foundation – With hundreds of Kindermusik activities, music from around the globe, and baby-safe instruments, your little one will develop a basic understanding of sound as a whole.
  • Home Materials – Professionally crafted CDs, books, and instruments allow you the privilege of bringing the learning home for deeper, more personal lesson expansion.

Ready to Register for a Foundations Village Class?


Westmore Church of God~ Room 203


2412 Wolfe Ave NW, Cleveland, TN 37311

Westmore Church of God

Keith Street Ministries

4000 Keith St NW, Cleveland, TN 37312

Keith Street Ministries